Epiware Manual


1.1 How to Use This Manual

1.2 User Roles in Epiware

1.3 The Epiware Menu Bar

1.4 Screen Pictures Used in This Manual


2.1 Customizing My Desktop

2.2 RSS News Feeds

Subscribing to an RSS News Feed

Unsubscribing from an RSS News Feed


3.1 Adding or Editing Content

3.2 Posting a Comment

3.3 View Page History

3.4 Root User and Administrator Functions

Enabling Comments

Deleting a Comment

Making Comments Read-Only

Disabling Comments


4.1 Create New Folder

4.2 Library Actions: Folders

4.2.1 Upload / Upload x 10

Uploading Limited Distribution Documents

4.2.2 New Folder

4.2.3 Edit Folder

4.2.4 Delete Folder

4.2.5 View Thumbs

4.2.6 Watch Folder

4.2.7 Cut Folder

4.3 Library Actions: Files

4.3.1 Moving Files

4.3.2 Download File

4.3.3 Text Version

4.3.4 File Properties

4.3.5 Delete File

4.3.6 Checkout

4.3.7 Replace/Edit

4.3.8 Watch File

4.3.9 Access Log

4.3.10 Version/History

Recovering a Previous Version of a File

4.3.11 Blog

4.3.12 Approving Files (Root Users and Administrators)

4.4 Library Drop-Down Menu

4.4.1 Notification

4.4.2 Search/Advanced Search

4.4.3 Privileges (Root Users and Administrators)

4.5 Setting Folder Privileges

4.6 Recycle Bin

Restoring a Deleted File


Bookmarking a Resource

5.1 Calendar

5.1.1 Changing the Default Calendar View

5.1.2 Filtering the Information Shown on the Calendar

5.1.3 Adding and Changing Events

5.1.4 Root User and Administrators Functions: Adding and Removing Event Types and Calendars

Add Event Type

Add Calendar

5.2 Forum

5.2.1 Post a Message to the Forum

5.2.2 Search the Forum

5.2.3 Root User and Administrator Functions: Adding, Editing, and Deleting Forums

Add Forum

Edit Forum

Delete Forum

5.3 Action Items

5.3.1 Assigning an Action Item

5.3.2 Responding to (Editing) an Action Item

5.3.3 Closing an Action Item

5.3.4 Searching Action Items

5.3.5 Action Items: Root User and Administrator Functions

Creating Action Item Access Groups

Editing Action Item Access Groups

5.4 Image Gallery

5.5 Resources: Root User and Administrator Functions

5.5.1 Add Category

5.5.2 Add Link

5.5.3 Edit Categories and Links

5.6 Resources: Root Users

5.6.1 Add Web Group

5.6.2 List Web Group


6.1 Members Directory

6.1.1 Searching the Members Directory

6.1.2 Changing the Information Displayed in the Members Directory

6.1.3 Editing Your Member Record

Changing Your Password

6.2 Members: Root User and Administrator Functions

6.2.1 Add Members

Make an Existing User a Member of a Web Group

Add a New User to the System

Remove a Member

Edit a Member's Record (Reset Their Password)

Send an Invitation

6.2.2 Add/Edit Member Groups

Edit Group Memberships

Send Email to a Group

Setting Group Privileges

Deleting a Group

6.2.3 Custom Invitation Message

6.3 Members: Root User Functions


7.1 Reading Messages of the Day and News Items

7.2 Newsroom: Root User and Administrator Functions

7.2.1 Create News Items

7.2.2 Create Message of the Day

7.2.3 Publishing an Unpublished News Item or Message of the Day

7.2.4 Deleting an Unpublished News Item or Message of the Day