Epiware Manual


WHAT IT IS: Secure online storage and accessibility for files of any type and size.

HOW TO GET THERE: Click on the Library tab on the menu bar (Figure 4-1) or click on Newest Library Files on My Desktop (Figure 4-2).

Figure 4-1. Library Tab on Menu Bar

Figure 4-2. Newest Library Files link on My Desktop

HOW IT WORKS: Files in the library (Figure 4-3) are stored in folders on the Shared Drive. Click on a folder name to see its contents in the right side of the screen. You can sort the files shown in the right side of the screen by title or date using the Order by drop-down menu (Figure 4-4) in the upper left corner of the screen. NOTE: You can also use the library drop-down menu to quickly access the library notification and search functions. Root users and administrators can use the library drop-down menu to view library privileges.

Figure 4-3. Library

Figure 4-4. Order by Drop-Down Menu

To the right of the Order by drop-down menu are additional links for navigating the library. The links are:

Search and Advanced Search are described in paragraph 4.4.2.

NOTE: The actions you can take in the library and the menu items you see depend on your privileges, both as an individual member and as a member of a group. If you don't have individual or group write access to a folder, you won't be able to upload files to the folder, edit the folder properties, delete the folder or files within the folder, or cut the folder. These menu items won't appear when you right-click on the folder or select the folder's drop-down menu.

The following paragraphs discuss all of the folder options available in the library. Keep in mind that, depending on your individual and group privileges, some of these options may not be available to you.