Epiware Manual

4.4 Library Drop-Down Menu

Click on the Library tab to see the drop-down menu (Figure 4-49).

Figure 4-49. Library: Drop-Down Menu

4.4.1 Notification

Notification is the same as watching a folder (see paragraph 4.2.6) and will send you an email whenever a change is made to a folder. To activate Notification, click the Send me email notifications link next to the folder name (Figure 4-50, top). To stop receiving email notifications, click on the Stop sending email notifications link next to the folder name (Figure 4-50, bottom).

Figure 4-50. Library: Notification

4.4.2 Search/Advanced Search

Search allows you to search the full text of documents stored in the library, including documents stored in Portable Document Format (.PDF). Enter your search string in the text box then click on Search (Figure 4-51).

Figure 4-51. Library: Search

The Search Library window (Figure 4-52) lists all files that match your search string. Click on the file name link to download or open the file (depending on how your browser is configured) or click on the text icon () to open a text version of the document. The text version allows you to quickly scan the document's contents to verify if it's the document you're looking for.

Figure 4-52. Library: Search Return Window

Advanced Search allows you to specify additional criteria to be used when searching the library's contents. Click on the (advanced search) link to go to the Advanced Search screen (Figure 4-53). Enter your search criteria then click on Search. The Contains/Equals drop-down menus allow you to search for keywords or exact matches.

Figure 4-53. Library: Advanced Search

4.4.3 Privileges (Root Users and Administrators)

Root users and administrators can select Privileges from the Library tab (Figure 4-54). Privileges allows root users and administrators to view group and individual access privileges to folders within the library.

Figure 4-54. Library: Permissions (Root/Admin Only)

To view the folder's privileges, click on the folder's name. You can also use the (open all folders) link to view the privileges for all of the folders in the library (Figure 4-55). To change the folder's privileges, edit the folder's properties (see paragraph 4.2.3).

Figure 4-55. Library: Privileges (Root Users and Administrators)