Epiware Manual


This manual describes the functionality and features of Epiware, a secure, flexible, web-based project management application. Epiware provides tools for secure document collaboration, storage, and retrieval; project scheduling; task tracking; and communications.

1.1 How to Use This Manual

This manual describes how to use Epiware and provides specific information for root users, administrators, and members (see paragraph 1.2).

This major sections of this manual follow the tabs on the menu bar shown at the top of each Epiware screen. The Library and Resources tabs have drop-down menus to provide quick access to Epiware features. The options on these drop-down menus are discussed in paragraphs within the relevant section.

1.2 User Roles in Epiware

There are three user roles in Epiware: root, administrator, and member.

Root Users manage the overall functionality of Epiware. Root users define the visual and structural site specifications; register users; assign privileges; and open "web groups," which is another term for project web sites. Only root users can change system settings.

Administrators share with the root users some of the responsibility for defining and maintaining the web group. Each web group, or project site, is a stand-alone, virtual entity with specific information, members, and functions. Administrators assign user status, web group membership, and access privileges to members and member groups; manage and approve online content; and manage other activities pertaining to the web group.

Members comprise the majority of the web group population and are its core users. Members have no administrative authority and cannot change a web group's functionality, structure, population, or appearance.

Members are individual users, but they can also be assigned to groups. Member groups can range in size from a single person to all personnel associated with the project. Individual members can be assigned to more than one group, and each group can have unique access privileges to library folders and action items.

1.3 The Epiware Menu Bar

The Epiware menu bar (Figure 1-1) is shown at the top of each screen within Epiware. The menu bar has six tabs:

Figure 1-1. Menu Bar

The Library and Resources tabs are drop-down menus. You can click on Library or Resources to go directly to those pages, or you can select one of the options from the drop-down menu.

The menu bar also contains the Selected Web Group drop-down menu and two links: user name (demo_user in Figure 1-1) and (logout).


Figure 1-2. Selected Web Group Drop-Down Menu

1.4 Screen Pictures Used in This Manual

Screen pictures in this manual were taken on both a Macintosh and a PC. Because Epiware is highly configurable, the screens you see when using Epiware can be quite different from the screens shown in this manual. Although your screens may look different, the basic arrangement of screens and the procedures for using Epiware are the same.